Invited Professional Staff

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2020 Staff

Jake Haning is a champion level dancer having won the Classic Division on multiple occasions. He is an enthusiastic, and creative dance professional specializing in West Coast Swing. He started his dance journey twenty years ago.

Instructor/ Judge

WSCD hall of fame Debbie Ramsey Boz is returning to Westies on the Water. Debbie Ramsey Boz started dancing when she was six years old, adding competitive country western with her brother in 1978, and swing in 1983. She still performs, coaches, teaches multiple dance styles, judges, DJs and choreographs. She developed her Diamond Technique for teaching WCS, initially created for visually impaired student.

Bryan Jordan, a native of Louisiana, has been competing at professional level and teaching WCS for almost 20 years. Bryan brings in extensive knowledge about the traditional and modern styles of WCS. Bryan is also the Event Director for Swingapalooza.

PJ has been dancing since age 10, discovering West Coast Swing in his late teens. In 2001 he went to his very first dance event/competition: Peach State in Atlanta, GA. PJ started traveling the Swing Circuit all over the nation competing in Jack and Jills and strictly competitions. In 2012, he was awarded the NASDE tour Champion. In 2015, PJ quit his job and commenced dancing professionally full time. Now PJ travels all over the world teaching, judging, performing, competing, and always learning!

Charles Jones:
2020 UCWDC Couples Open Showcase World Champions
2019 ACDA Superstar National Champions
2019 UCWDC Couples Open Showcase World Champions
2018 UCWDC Couples Open Showcase World Champions
2017 ACDA Royal Superstars National Champions
2016 UCWDC Couples Diamond I World Champions
2015 ACDA Advanced Bronze National Champions

Yoga Instructor

Andrew Skinner

Andrew Skinner completed his 200 hour RYT at the Asheville Yoga Center in January 2020. After discovering the benefits of the mind-body connection through yoga himself, he attended yoga school to offer its benefits to others.


Mark Maxwell

Mark Maxwell comes from the UCWDC world. He is a UCWDC World Champion, many time couples champion, instructor known for his very entertaining Body Roll class, and MC. Prior to retiring from the dance world around 2002, Mark was one of the leading MC’s, and dinner show acts. Mark is excited to come out of retirement to rejoin the dance family.

Event Director

Jennifer Nye

Jenn has been dancing since 1996 and has been a ballroom and swing dance instructor since 2005. Based in Huntsville, Alabama, she specializes in West Coast Swing and regularly teaches with Rocket Westies, as well as at Madison Ballroom. Additionally, Jenn is a regular West Coast Swing competitor at events across the US and has placed in multiple divisions. Above all else, Jenn believes in elevating everyone’s dance and you’re never too old to learn how to.

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